Family goes to adopt a new dog months after their pet disappeared — then they see a familiar face

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Losing a pet is always a distressing experience, but it’s crucial to hold onto hope because, at times, our cherished companions find their way back to us in the most unforeseen circumstances.

Such was the experience of one family that opted to welcome a new dog into their lives after their original pet vanished for months—only to encounter a surprisingly familiar face.

In January, a family from Queens, New York, faced heartbreak when their beloved dog Mocha went missing. The canine had been entrusted to a dog sitter during a week-long vacation, only to disappear during that time.

Months went by without any sign of their lost dog, and the family reluctantly accepted the notion that their beloved pet was gone forever. Seeking solace and a fresh start, they made the decision to welcome a new shelter dog into their lives.

On a Sunday, the family attended an adoption event at Union Square Park organized by the Animal Care Centers of New York City. The father explained to the NY Daily News, “We were in the city, and we heard about this event. As we were driving, we thought, let’s go check it out. We had enough time, so we decided to take a ride over there and take a look, hoping to find a puppy.”

As they perused the dogs available for adoption, they were in for a shock—among the hopeful faces, they encountered a very familiar one. It was none other than Mocha, their long-lost canine companion.

According to the Animal Care Centers (ACC), Mocha had been discovered tied to a post near the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and was subsequently brought to the Brooklyn ACC by the New York Police Department (NYPD).

During her time at the shelter, Mocha went by the name “Sandy” and had become a favorite among both staff and volunteers. Despite being a strong contender for adoption at the event, no one had claimed her before her original family unexpectedly appeared. The shelter staff noted that she possessed the “temperament of a family dog.”

The family was taken aback to see Mocha, and the reunion was an extraordinary coincidence and a twist of fate that brought them back together. In a video shared by the ACC, the father can be heard expressing his excitement, exclaiming, “I’m telling you, that’s my dog!” as the family joyfully reunited with Mocha, who jumped with delight at seeing her old family again.

The shelter confirmed the family’s claim and happily entrusted Mocha back into their care, expressing their delight at reuniting the sweet dog with her original family.

Now safely back at home, Mocha is receiving an abundance of love from her reunited family. The family’s father shared with the Daily News, “Her favorite food is raw meat,” and he expressed plans to indulge the dog throughout the summer. “She doesn’t like the kibble. She likes the raw meat,” he added, highlighting their commitment to making Mocha’s homecoming as enjoyable as possible.

The details of what transpired during Mocha’s time away remain somewhat unclear. Reports indicate that she was found in an “exhausted” state and had lost weight, but fortunately, she appeared otherwise unharmed.

The owner expressed suspicions about the dog sitter, suggesting that the sitter was “playing games” and avoiding calls after Mocha disappeared. However, the owner also considers the possibility that Mocha may have run off from the sitter and was subsequently found by someone who tied her up.

The exact sequence of events leading to Mocha’s disappearance and subsequent discovery remains uncertain, leaving some unanswered questions about her temporary absence.

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