Dog seen Wandering on the Streets of Detroit with Stuffed Animal got Rescued!

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It was truly heartbreaking to see: a German Shepherd found wandering the streets of Detroit with her beloved stuffed animal.

We’re incredibly relieved and happy that this beautiful dog is now safe and secure, still accompanied by her cherished toy. ❤️
Let’s hope Nikki recovers fully and finds an amazing new home soon! 🙏🙏

According to a report by FOX 2 Detroit, concerned locals spotted the dog roaming the streets. Despite being female, they affectionately named her Nicholas. Neighbors shared that she became homeless after her owners passed away.

Sweet dog! 🐾🐶🐾

Thankfully, their rescue efforts were successful. Home No Kill Rescue announced they had captured the dog, and she is now under their care.
Given her gender, they decided to rename her Nikki.

So happy she has a home now!

From this point on, only positive things await Nikki!
However, there is a complication: Nikki has been diagnosed with heartworm, which means she will need four weeks of treatment.

Thanks for saving this beautiful dog 🐕❤

Now she is taking it easy, receiving medication, and going on walks while on a leash. Once she fully recovers, the rescue organization will start searching for her perfect home.

She still has her cherished stuffed toy by her side. ❤️

Thank you to the special people for rescuing her. ❤️ It’s very kind of those who saved her, and hopefully, she won’t be in the shelter for long. She looks like a very sweet dog!

Hope she’s adopted and gets her forever loving home soon. 🏠💕 Beautiful girl! ❤️
Bless you all for saving this precious girl. God bless you all forever! 💕🙏🙏

Happy ending!!!!
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