The Dog who took a b.ul.let to Protect his Owner and Ended up homeless, has a second chance!

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I can’t understand why he ended up homeless despite being so loyal to his owners. Poor dog ended up without a home. Shame on those responsible…
I’m thrilled this sweet pup has found a new home 🏡. Please 🙏 shower him with love ❤️ 💙—he truly deserves it❤️.

Sending my love to this brave and beautiful dog ❤️.

When his owner had to move and couldn’t take him along, Kiko, now 14 years old, had already taken a bullet for him during a home invasion in 2012. Soon after, Kiko was left without a home. In 2014, Mighty Mutts, a rescue group based in New York City, took Kiko in and has been tirelessly working to find him a perfect home ever since.

He deserves the best permanent home!❤️

Jill Haynes of Mighty Mutts shared: We’ve all been very invested in Kiko for the past year and a half; it’s thrilling to see him finally find his home. Due to his age and hearing impairment, Kiko needs a very special type of housing.

What a courageous dog to do what he did‼️❤️❤️

A couple, confident they would be the perfect family for Kiko, contacted Mighty Mutts about him. They came to pick up Kiko on Thursday evening, ready to take him to his new home. Kiko clearly seems overjoyed.

So happy you have a new family ❤️

While waiting for his forever home, Kiko’s foster mother, Casey Ryan, was a true hero to him. Mighty Mutts relies on foster families to care for rescued dogs.

Such a brave dog 🥰❤️🙏

He’s a wonderful, older hero dog who deserves a forever home where he will be loved and pampered unconditionally. Mighty Mutts is always looking for foster homes in New York City to care for their loyal dogs while they wait for permanent homes.

So happy for Kiko❤️

Glad he now has a family to watch over and protect him ❤️
Thank you for rescuing this sweet boy and finding him a forever home with people who will give him the life he deserves.❤️❤️

Happy he found a forever home where he will be showered with kindness and love.
Bless you, my darling—you deserve a great home filled with love and affection.❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻
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