Woman spots in.ju.red Owl Crawling on a busy Road and Knows she has to Help!

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Thank goodness for the kindness that ensured he wasn’t left vulnerable to further injury!
🦉 We’re thrilled he’s doing well at the rehabilitation center and will be back in the wild soon. ❤️❤️
Bless this little owl, we hope he’s okay. ♥️♥️


Laura Burban knew the situation was critical when she received a call about an owl lying in the middle of a busy street.
She immediately went to help…!

As the director of Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, Laura Burban explained that normally, owls fly away when approached by people or cars, but this one didn’t.
Initially, she thought the owl might be hungry, which was why it didn’t fly away. However, upon arrival, she realized the owl needed immediate assistance.

You’re a hero! 💯🫶

Upon closer inspection, Burban saw that one of the owl’s wings was injured, making it impossible for him to fly.
She carefully attempted to rescue him by wrapping him in a towel, but it was quite a challenge since owls can swivel their heads 360 degrees.

After several tries, Burban successfully wrapped the owl in the towel, gently picked him up, and placed him in her vehicle.
The owl is now recovering at “A Place Called Hope,” a wildlife rehabilitation center, where he is doing great. He will be able to fly again in a few weeks.

We’re so glad this little owl was rescued from the road and traffic! 🥰

Once he is fully healed, he will be released back into his natural habitat. Kudos to Burban and her team of rescuers for their excellent work in saving this beautiful owl!
Thank you, Officer, for helping this precious bird!


It’s wonderful that a caring person was there to help. Beautiful bird; we must protect our wildlife.
If people had the same devotion to unborn babies, the world would be a much better place.

God bless you for helping the owl to heal and be released again❣️🙏💗
Sending love and well wishes for a full recovery! 💕🙏🙏
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