‘Mutant pigeon’ with giant feet is leaving everyone baffled

A peculiar avian specimen, known as a “mutant pigeon,” has been causing quite a stir and unsettling individuals across various social media platforms. A video showcasing this curious avian creature has gone viral, provoking a flurry of reactions online. In the footage, the bird gracefully moves about, equipped with a pair of abnormally large feet that resemble the result of an arduous decade-long workout regimen. This brief clip of the bird’s remarkable appearance has undeniably sparked a significant sensation on the internet, capturing the attention of a pigeon expert who goes by the fitting moniker “Pigeons TV.” The expert took to TikTok to share the footage, further fueling the frenzy.


However, despite its eerie semblance to a product of scientific experimentation or a creature from a Frankenstein-like narrative, this bird is no mutant at all. Instead, it belongs to a distinct breed of pigeon, showcasing the rich diversity that exists among these avian species. Much like the vast array of cats and dogs we encounter, pigeons come in various shapes, colors, and sizes.

This particular captivating breed, known as the refined English Pouter, has been identified as the true identity behind this enigmatic avian being. Scientifically referred to as Columba livia, the English Pouter has undergone an extensive process of selective breeding over numerous years. Alongside other domesticated pigeon variants, they trace their ancestry back to the rock pigeon. It’s certainly a breed that stands out from the crowd, a far cry from the typical pigeon with wobbly legs and a penchant for popular pastry establishments.


The video showcasing the pigeon with an immensely puffed chest and astonishingly impressive trotters wasted no time in going viral, amassing a staggering 18.6 million views on TikTok in a blink of an eye. As expected, the video made its way onto Twitter and Instagram, captivating users and leaving them astounded by the presence of this so-called ‘mutant’ bird.

The clip triggered an immediate outpouring of reactions, as eager viewers couldn’t contain their astonishment. One perplexed TikTok user couldn’t help but inquire, “What kind of bird is that, for heaven’s sake?” Meanwhile, another bewildered observer pondered, “Is it meant to look like that?”

A third user, still clearly perplexed by the spectacle, emphatically stated, “That can’t possibly be a bird.”


Amidst the flurry of responses, one individual shared, “This has me wheezing,” showcasing their uncontrollable laughter. Many seized the opportunity to comment on the bird’s elongated legs, with one person humorously noting, “Never skip leg day!” Another chimed in, “When you hit the gym but forget to work on those legs.”

A third individual humorously remarked, “Looks like someone focused on their arms and skipped leg day, bro.”

However, not everyone was taken aback by the bird’s peculiar appearance. Some individuals were absolutely captivated, with one admirer applauding its “intriguing build.” Another enthusiastically described the bird as having a “cartoonish physique,” an accurate observation indeed. A third admirer penned, “That is one remarkably majestic pigeon, no doubt about it.”

To conclude, it’s undeniable that this bird has certainly captured the attention and admiration of viewers far and wide, as evidenced by one TikTok user succinctly remarking, “That’s one cool bird.” Indeed, it most certainly is.

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