Cat desperately clings on to door frame to avoid cold in hilarious footage

We can’t get enough of animal humor, and this funny moment is the kind of video you’ll put it on repeat. In it, a stubborn kitten – or better say, a real drama queen – simply refuses the owners’ invitation to leave the house. The moment was captured on camera and it’s pure internet gold!


The melodrama unfolded in the city of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China. The short video footage shows a British shorthair cat desperately clinging onto the frame of the entry door, to avoid getting out of the house. The video was taken at the end of November, a time of the year when the temperatures in this region of China are very low, so we perfectly understand the cat’s stoicism.


Just like most of the (domestic) cats, this lovely kitten isn’t too fond of cold weather, so when the owners decide is time for it to take a walk outside the apartment, it makes everything in their power to avoid that and defy the owners. Even though that involves clinging onto the door’s frame.

Upon the cat’s determination to stay inside, the owners can’t help but laugh and film the funny scene. The video was initially shared on Douyin which is the Chinese TikTok.

You can watch it here:

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