Cat befriends curious chipmunk, won’t stop cuddling each other

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When it comes to unusual encounters between animals of different species, Mother Nature never cease to amaze. And while, cats gain themselves a reputation as pretty asocial creatures, love and friendship knows no borders, even when it comes to the selfish kitties. Although we don’t hear everyday of cats bonding with other animals, this lovely story is proving the opposite.

This cute fluffy kitten was hanging in the backyard when got approached by a tiny chipmunk. And even though a little wild creature usually gets scared in situation like this, it wasn’t the case of the lovely chipmunk. In fact the tiny creature, maybe pushed by curiosity or fascinated by the cat’s fluffy fur, approached her, despite even her tail was at least three-time it size.

The cat, very friendly by nature, also became interested in the little squirrel that decided to visit the backyard. And after a few moments of hesitation (understandable), the tiny creature and the fluffy kitten finally got the chance to meet. It was definitely love at first sight, as the two won’t stop cuddling each other.

Of course, the cat’s owner could not believe her eyes when witnessed the lovely scene. So she captured the tender moments her cat shared with the chipmunk and posted online. “My cat made friends with a chipmunk,” reddit user GoldGuy wrote in the, later viral, post.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time a cat and a squirrel are sharing some moments of cuddles. Here some lovely interactions between cats and squirrels:

h/t: lovemeow

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