Canadian couple thought they adopted a mini-pig, until it grew up into 670 pounds of cuteness

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Sometimes, a mistake can actually lead to something really good. And this hilarious, but extremely adorable story is all about that! When Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, a Canada-based couple decided to adopt a tiny pygmy piglet, little did they know it would change their lives forever.

When a friend called him to ask him to adopt a mini-pig, Steve thought it would be nice to share their home with such a cute little creature. Especially when he found out it is a “tiny piglet”- a pig that doesn’t grow big. Nonetheless, a couple of years after, the tiny 3 pounds pig named Esther turned into a 670 pounds of cuteness.

Despite Esther’s unexpected size, Steve and Derek did not thought for a second to give up on their beloved four-legged friend. For them Esther was no different of their other furry friends – a puppy and a kitten. In fact the three seem to share a very special friendship.

Ans since Esther offered them nothing but joy and love, the couple decided they have to give something in return. Not particularly too Esther, but to her kind. So they since then, they both went vegan. But that’s not all, as they promised to dedicate their lives to help other innocent animals by building a shelter.

Thanks to Esther, Steve and Derek have managed not just to change their lives, but also to fond the sanctuary they’ve dreamed for. Now at Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary , the lovely big and her human parents “rescue and rehabilitate orphaned farmed animals, and spread Esther’s style of love and compassion known as The Esther Effect!”

h/t: estherthewonderpig | boredpanda

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