Can you spot the snake hidden in this photo? Australian snake catcher challenges you to find it

Australia is inhabited by around 200 species of snakes, out of which 25 are known to pose a potential threat to humans. Snake catchers in the country put in great efforts to securely remove these reptiles when they venture into residential areas. One of these catchers is Bryce Lockett, aged 25, who works for Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Given the dangers posed by snakes in Australia, snake catchers need to be highly observant and agile in their efforts to locate and safely relocate them from inhabited areas. Test your own powers of observation by trying to spot the snake hidden in the image below.

Bryce Lockett

Expert snake catchers work tirelessly across Australia to locate and securely relocate snakes that frequently venture into residential areas. Bryce Lockett, who has been in the profession for ten years and is 25 years old, is one such professional. In 2020, he shared an instance of rescuing a massive python from a fuel pump bin, highlighting the crucial role played by snake catchers in conserving these creatures.

Bryce Lockett

Habitat destruction is a significant threat to the survival of snakes, causing them to seek refuge in homes, where they need careful removal. Bryce Lockett’s experience of finding three female pythons in a compost bin, where they had laid 75 eggs, underscores the need to create safe habitats for these reptiles. Snakes, like birds, require warm and humid environments to incubate their eggs, and this makes some residential areas attractive to potentially harmful snakes.

Bryce has also encountered harmless snakes in unexpected places, such as a 5.3 ft long carpet python that had taken shelter under the bonnet of a car. Such locations provide warmth and tranquillity, making them ideal for snakes that are awakening from hibernation. Bryce safely removed and relocated the python to another area.

The carpet python, also known as the diamond python, is widely distributed across Australia, except for the desert regions of central and western Australia.

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