Perfectly timed snaps shows epic aerial battle between two rabbits

As a wildlife photographer when you’re at the right place at the right time, the results are nothing but spectacular, and these two Japanese photographers definitely have a whale of a tale when it comes down to perfect shots!


Takayuki and Maruya Nakamura are two very talented photographers that spent over the last two decades shooting bunnies. And what a better place to find seas of adorable rabbits, if not on the Okunoshima, also known as the Rabbit Island – a small island in the Inland Sea of Japan. The duo is been taking pictures of the hundreds of wild rabbits that live on the islands, and the results are too cute.


Recently, they caught on camera two rabbits during an aerial fight and they compared the snaps with the series Fist of the North Star, and the resemblance is uncanny. Though it is highly unexpected from a bunny to be a fighter, as these incredible photos show, these tiny fluffy balls look like some martial arts masters.

The two wild rabbits perfectly reassemble an aerial battle from the Manga Series!


The perfectly timed photos were have initially been shared on Twitter by the two photographers, and people simply can’t get enough of them! “Aerial battle like Fist of the North Star,” the artists wrote in the description. The tweet shortly went viral gaining thousands of reactions.

And the battle continues…

The two photographers, also known as uta on Twitter offer some of the most adorable rabbit content you can find online!

Like this overload of cuteness for instance:


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