Bullied Wild Stallion Chooses To Trust Woman And Their Friendship Saves His Life

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While watching wild horses in her local area, CJ spotted a young stallion being chased away by his own father and ostracized from the group. This poor guy, whom CJ affectionately named “Surfer Dude”, was left all alone with no other horses around to keep him company.

Feeling a deep sense of compassion for Surfer Dude’s situation, CJ wondered if she could do something to help. So, she reached out to the tribal elder who owned the land, asking permission to rescue the lonely stallion. It wasn’t an overnight task; CJ spent months visiting Surfer Dude, slowly gaining his trust. After a while, the stallion allowed her close enough to pet him, scratch his back, and even watch over him as he slept.

But then CJ received some distressing news: Surfer Dude had hurt his leg. For a moment, she feared the worst for her equine friend. However, she soon found out that Surfer Dude had a resilience and willpower that couldn’t be underestimated.

To see the heartwarming tale of Surfer Dude’s rescue and his journey to finding a loving family, check out the video below!

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