Sunbathing Baboons Scramble To Hide Under Bridge to Escape Lions

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A group of baboons were chilling and sunbathing on a bridge when they got an unexpected visit from a pride of lions. Suddenly, the baboons found themselves trapped beneath the bridge with the lions all around.

Mike Botes, who works as a guide at MalaMala Game Reserve, managed to catch this dramatic event on video. He shared the story with Mike was tailing the Kambula lion pride during a game drive when they decided to stroll over the West Street Bridge. This bridge, located at the heart of MalaMala, allows both guides and visitors to safely cross the Sand River during the rainy season.

Mike mentioned that baboons often hang out on this bridge as it offers a great view to spot any lurking danger. They love spending time there, grooming and just doing their usual baboon activities. However, that day, they were too relaxed in the sun and didn’t notice the lions sneaking up. Mike quickly realized what was about to unfold, so he moved to a safe distance to watch and record the scene from a different angle.

The lions casually sauntered onto the bridge, completely unbothered. Meanwhile, the baboons realized their dilemma a tad too late,” Botes shared. “The baboons were in a frenzy, sounding off alarms that echoed throughout the area, alerting every nearby creature. In the midst of this chaos, with the lions closing in, the baboons had to quickly strategize their escape.”

Everyone looked on in disbelief as the baboons made a beeline for safety. Botes added, “You wouldn’t believe it – they bolted right under the bridge!”

Interestingly, the lions seemed to love the sunlit bridge too, and they lounged there while trying to figure out the commotion below. Throughout the video, you can spot the lions curiously leaning over to catch a glimpse of a baboon cheekily clinging below.

Despite the intimidating presence of these apex predators just above them, the baboons were feeling pretty audacious. Botes noted, “Safely clinging to the metal bars beneath, the baboons knew they were in the clear. And with newfound confidence, they began playfully teasing the lions. They were practically dangling in front of the lions, who were left feeling a bit bamboozled, unable to respond.”

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