Brave man risks life to save mountain lion caught in a trap

This is the dramatic moment a hunter puts his own life on the line, to save a helpless cougar, after accidentally came across the distressed animal. Nail bitting video footage shows the courageous man releasing the wild cat after it got caught in a toe trap in the Utah wilderness!


Getting too close to a mountain lion can be extremely dangerous, but the danger is actually palpable when approaching an animal in distress. It’s the kind of encounter this hunter experienced while exploring the wilderness near Helper city in Utah. All of a sudden, the man comes upon a mountain lion in desperate need of help.


The majestic creature got its enormous in a trap set up for bobcats. The brave hunter immediately realized the wild cat was in need of help, and without a second thought he rushed to help it. But releasing a cougar isn’t an easy (and out of risks) rescue. But he was ready to risk his life in order to help the poor animal.


The only way to release the large predator was to – somehow – control its movements, so the man used a noose on a pole in order to make that happened. Fortunately he managed to restrain the cougar, and then using one hand he unlocked the trapping mechanism. Finally he managed to free the animal’s paw and set it free. Once freed, the wild cat run away.

Although this footage is short, the intense one-and-a-half minute rescue seems endless. You can watch it below!

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