Miracle at Sea: Heartwarming Reunion as Dog Found Alive Days After Falling off Shrimp Boat

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A dog has miraculously survived after falling off a shrimp boat, and swam nearly six miles to shore. It took days, until the lost dog found her way home, and sent her owner – who thought he lost her for good – into tears.

Keith “Kiwi” Soffes and his dog, Monster, are inseparable. The loyal four-legged companion is always by her dad’s side. The man – who’s a captain on a shrimp boat – frequently takes his dog offshore on the boat. But last time, while they where fishing in Galveston Bay in San Leon, Texas, Monster simply disappeared.

Keith Soffes/Facebook

“We just headed back to the dock. Monster was doing her regular old thing that she’s always done,” the captain told KRIV. “Goes back there are barks at the birds, as usual. We got to where we’re going to load the net up on the back of the boat to come home, and she always goes back there, grabs the net, and starts pulling on it. And when she wasn’t there.”

When he realized Monster is gone, Soffes turned around his boat to search for her as he assumed she might have fallen into the water!


“[I] just asked myself, ‘Where she at?’ It was the middle of the bay, pretty much. I mean, you know, open water, miles from any type of land,” Soffes said. “My heart just fell. I couldn’t even speak, but I turned around to find her.”

Despite his desperate attempts, unfortunately Monster was nowhere to be found, so captain Soffes had to get back to the docks without his beloved companion. Heartbroken, the man didn’t want to give up on searching for her, so he took social media to share his heartbreaking experience.

“I lost the one thing in this world that I truly loved. My best friend. Monster dog,” he wrote on Facebook. “We don’t really know what happened. We think she fell off the boat on a slick calm day.. she had been on the boat her whole life. I searched and searched.. hopefully somebody picked her up. If anyone here’s any talk about her please contact me. Totally heartbroken.”

But after five endless days, Soffes got some incredibly good news. He learned that his beloved dog is alive. As it turned out, Monster swam for about six miles until she reached dry land. Once she reached safety land, she tried to find her way back home, but some fishermen found her and taken her to a trailer parking. Her dad was noticed and soon they reunited.

Captain Soffes was glad beyond imagination when he saw that Monster is alive, and from now on he said his furry friend will always wear a safety vest when she steps on the boat.

“I said ‘man, she couldn’t have made that swim. There’s no way that dog swam that long,” Soffes explained to the FOX26. “I was crying so hard I couldn’t even talk,” Keith said. “She was giving me so many kisses. I still love her.. and so glad I got my little friend back.”

More about this incredible story in the video below!

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