Heartbreaking photos of confused koala after discovering its home has been cut down

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The devastating effects of deforestation can be seen all over the world as thousands of wild species are being forced to cope with the loss of their homes. Unfortunately, heartbreaking scenes showing sad, helpless animals are getting more frequent. As a result, nowadays, more wildlife species than ever are facing extinction!

Such a distressing scene was captured in in Queensland, Australia showing a confused koala, after its homes was cut down. “What happened to my home?”…the helpless animal might say, after its habitat was cleared off the face of Earth. The poor creature – eventually named Ash – was found by a volunteer at the Wildcare Australia Inc animal rescue group. It turned out it got itself injured, so he was transferred to a veterinary hospital.

Although the land clearing was perfectly legal, being approved by the Gold Coast City Council, the effects on the ecosystems are absolutely devastating. Almost 680,000 acres of forests were cleared in Queensland in one year, the Dodo reported.

“This is a sight that saddens us deeply as not only has Ash lost her home but thousands of other animals including birds, reptiles, kangaroos, wallabies, bandicoots, bats and echidnas also called the area ‘home,'” said Wildcare Australia Inc. “Many of those animals would have no doubt have lost their life during this mass clearing exercise.”

Yet, despite losing its habitat, for Ash it turned out to be a happy ending story, since it managed to escape alive. “Ash is being cared for overnight by one of our koala carers and will then be admitted to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s wildlife hospital for a full health assessment,” the volunteer who found Ash told the Dodo. “She is currently enjoying a large bucket of fresh eucalyptus leaf which she is quickly devouring.”

Recently, koalas have been declared functionally extinct. The Australian Koala Foundation announced there are less than 80,000 individuals left in the wild. As a result of deforestation and climate change, the koalas’ main food source is running short.

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