Orphaned baby giraffe befriends dog at animal sanctuary

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When it comes to love and caring, the animal kingdom knows no borders. We’ve been witnessed to so many acts of kindness and unlikely friendships between animals of different species. And yet, it’s always so heart-warming when a lovely story like this airs. This time a dod and an orphaned baby giraffe are winning hearts all over the internet

Jazz, an adorable baby giraffe was abandoned by his mom, several minutes after giving birth. It was a matter of hours until the helpless creature would have died. Fortunately, she was found by a farmer who call the The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo, South Africa for help. Once they brought her here, the little one’s condition was still very unstable. However, Jazz proved she’s a fighter and she managed to make, in the end.

“The baby was very comatose for the first 18 hours but started showing signs of waking up,” the sanctuary wrote on its website. “He managed to stand up a few times with the help of our carers and walked around this evening on very unsure legs. Baby giraffes are notorious for being labor-intensive and difficult to get on a bottle.”

But Jazz would not have made it if it wasn’t for Hunter, a Belgian Malinois pup. Shortly after the little giraffe was brought at the orphanage, the dog begun to look after her, acting like a protector parent. It’s so incredible how dogs seem to posses a special sense when it comes to comfort other animals in need.

Now Jazz and Hunter are inseparable. The unlikely duo are spending their time together. Recently, the sanctuary shared an adorable video of them on Facebook. “The bond and understanding between Jazz the giraffe and Hunter our Belgian Malinois is astonishing,” the post reads.

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