Soldier nervously waits to reunite the dog he served with overseas


This is the emotional moment a retired soldier reunites the dog he served with overseas. The touching reunion has been possible thanks to a flight attendant, and the moment was caught on camera.

NBC News/YouTube

Taylor – a special trained dog – has served overseas, mainly in Afghanistan, on several occasions. But each and every time she was deployed with Sgt. Tom Hanson, her handler. So naturally, the two have shared a very deep bond. The military dog had always been loyal and protective with the Sgt. and his comrades. So when the time came, Hanson decided to return the favor!

NBC News/YouTube

Just like any military dog, when Taylor got retired from duty, she had to be put for adoption. And since Taylor and her former handler were so close to each other, she could not have been found a better forever home. Thankfully, all of this had been possible thanks to a big-hearted woman named Molli Oliver. Molli, who works as a flight attendant made herself a habit of reunited retired military dogs with their former handlers. That’s what we call a hobby!

NBC News/YouTube

Imagine that Molli is only arranging for the dogs the flying routes and the destinations, but she even supports the costs of the travels. That’s what we call a hobby and a very kind person! So thanks to this kind-hearted woman, Sgt. Hanson got the chance to adopt his old loyal companion, Taylor. All in a very touching reunion. Take a peek:

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