Epic footage shows bald eagle snatching fisherman’s salmon right off his boat

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The bald eagle is a majestic bird. There is no doubt about that. Seeing a bald eagle in its natural environment is a true privilege, but you have to remember eagles are predators with incredible hunting skills, so you never want to get too close to one of these birds, as beautiful as they are

One fisherman from British Columbia, Ashton Philips, found out just how dangerous and unpredictable these birds can be, and he has the video to prove it.Ashton was out on his boat, enjoying a quiet afternoon when he noticed a bald eagle circling his boat. He thought the eagle was just curious, but in reality, the bird was targeting the fisherman’s catch of the day. The next time Ashton looked up towards the sky, he saw the bald eagle flying directly towards his boat at high speed.

“I saw this one eagle kind of circling and it was along the shoreline, so I took out my camera to snap a picture of it,” Phillips told CTV News. “All of a sudden out of nowhere, it started heading toward the boat.I didn’t even realize it was coming for the big chunk of salmon until obviously it snagged it and flew off. It was a pretty surreal experience.”

And before he could realize what was going on, the bird had already swooped in and stole his fish. Luckily, he managed to get the entire moment on video. The footage is downright breathtaking and proves once more just how incredible wild animals really are.

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