Baby elephant leaves perfect imprint of his face after falling asleep in sand

A cute baby elephants left an adorable imprint both in the sand and the netizens hearts after taking a nap. The one-year-old calf Anjan fell asleep on a pile of sand in his enclosure at the Chester Zoo in the UK, and his face and trunk perfectly imprinted in the sand.

The next morning, when the keepers came to fed them the breakfast, they couldn’t believed their eyes when spotted the perfect imprint. The zoo then shared photos of Anjan’s pice of art and they immediately went viral.

Facebook/Chester Zoo

“Elephants lie on their sides to sleep for around four hours a night – time for Anjan to create his amazing piece of animal art!” the zoo wrote in a tweet.

People even bagged the zoo to preserve the unique sculpture, but it was already too late since it was right in the middle of the elephants enclosure and the jovial baby elephant stepped on it shortly after the photos was taken.

Even though is quite normal for elephants to sleep on their sides for hours, the zoo keepers was surprised the imprint stayed intact over night. Anjan must have had such a good sleep!

Facebook/Chester Zoo

“Our zookeepers quite often come across imprints in the sand but rarely do they see them quite so intact and quite as perfect as this one of Anjan,” the zoo explained on Facebook. “It’s quite remarkable really that none of the other elephants in the herd, or indeed Anjan himself, stepped on it and disturbed it before the zookeepers got to it the following morning.”

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