Baby elephant blocks road to play in the sand in adorable footage

This is the adorable moment a baby elephant takes over a road in a natural reserve in Zimbabwe, only to have fun. The young calf doesn’t seems bothered by the tourists presence as he is hilariously rolling on the sand right in front of their vehicle. The moment was caught on camera by one of the eyewitnesses and it is nothing but overload cuteness!

Screenshot via YouTube

Though the spirited elephant caused a road block, the tourists from the safari vehicles can’t get enough of it. Nonetheless to everyone’s amusement, the baby elephant continued his adorable playtime. He just kept rolling on the sand. Then he just sat on his belly with the legs stretched while raising his little trunk in the air.

Then, all of a sudden, the cute elephant decided enough it’s enough and he raised on his feet and confidently looked to the tourists to let everyone know it is not they road, but his playground, before finding his way in the bushes.

Screenshot via YouTube

Needless to mention everyone was just absorbed by the heartwarming moment which unfolded in front of them by chance. “Ooh my God, he’s so adorable,” one woman can be heard. While Brett Berenson, who also caught the moment on his camera said: “It was a lovely sight to see. I couldn’t believe how lucky we were.”

Watch the adorable scene here:

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