A homeless dog knew he was going to die soon, but a woman begged him to fight

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A Pit Bull named Saint was close to death when he was found living in a homeless camp. His emaciated body was ravaged by multiple parasites and he was simply tired of facing the bitter pain every day. He wanted so much for his suffering to end, and that made him shy away from everything that was necessary to keep him alive.

A woman named Heather discovered Saint’s mess and it broke her heart into pieces. Overwhelmed with pity for the innocent puppy, she decided to take him home as a foster dog. The idea was to make him feel loved and comfortable in his final days, but Heather was confused when Saint simply refused to eat food, writes ilovemydog.

Saint had become completely closed off from his prolonged stressful life and just wanted to quit. He did not care to be petted or interact with his caregivers as he began to lose his vitality. But even when he couldn’t stand on his own, Heather did everything she could to let him know he mattered—and that changed everything!

Heather’s painstaking efforts to cheer Saint up warmed his heart and he decided to fight for her! He began to eat and gradually found himself connected to the world again. Slowly and surely, his health improved and his spark for life was rekindled!

Despite the burdens of his past weighing him down, Saint chose to embrace the present and thrive with his new family! He began to look forward to those liberating car rides, trips to the beach, and playdates. Considering he was at his lowest at the beginning of this video, it’s a real treat to see him beg for affection towards the end! Saint is truly an inspiring survivor and champion of the unknown!

Click the video below to see how Saint goes from zero to hero after embracing his second chance at life!

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