The baby albino elephant that was trapped for days is so happy to finally be safe

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A helpless baby elephant has been rescued after it was reportedly trapped in a snare for four days. The poor creature was found tangled not far from Kruger National Park, South Africa. Unfortunately, the trap left deep wounds on the baby elephant’s face and ears, but according to its rescuers, it will make a full recovery.

Fortunately, the little one was found in time by some volunteers from the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, an elephant orphanage. The baby elephant, which the rescuers named Khanyisa, is a very special one. The pigmentation of its skin is not gray like any other elephant, but pink.

“She looked so innocent and fragile and pure, and yet so brave – a unique beauty that was [wounded] by human hands,” said Sue Howells of the elephant orphanage. “We knew we had to help her and protect her and give her a safe place so she wouldn’t have to endure (something like this) again”

Photos of the rescued elephant show how happy she is as she is finally safe. And despite all that she has had to go through, Khanyisa has proven herself to be such a brave spirit. “Khanyisa is an exceptionally strong and courageous elephant,” said Sue Howells. “She is incredibly resilient. Her sweet, fragile and caring personality shines through her toughness despite all she has endured.”

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center is a “wildlife facility that focuses on the conservation and sustainability of rare, vulnerable and threatened species” The place was originally “established as a cheetah breeding project, but then evolved into a wildlife conservation centre,” the official website of the elephant orphanage reads.

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