Epic lion’s roar at Lincoln Park Zoo goes viral

The debate surrounding zoos and the captivity of animals can be a polarizing topic, as both sides present valid arguments. On one hand, zoos offer a unique opportunity for people to learn about and appreciate animals they may not encounter in the wild. They also play a crucial role in conservation efforts and research to protect endangered species.

On the other hand, many individuals argue that keeping animals in captivity is inherently cruel and goes against their natural instincts. Furthermore, there are concerns that zoos prioritize financial gain over the well-being of the animals, and that the confined spaces can give children a distorted perception of the natural world.


Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois has taken steps to prioritize the welfare of its animals, such as creating more natural habitats and engaging in conservation efforts. However, the ultimate decision on whether zoos have a positive or negative impact on society is subjective and depends on individual perspectives.

“I have visited him many times. He was born in captivity and can’t be released into the wild. He was born a circus lion and later abandoned,” a regular visitor said. “He likes his home and seems to love to perform. He roars on his rock several times a day. I remember a local report on him during quarantine that he was acting depressed and was one of their animals that were confused and upset about losing their audiences.”


The lion is a magnificent animal, known for its impressive roar that can be heard up to five miles away. Their yellow-gold coats are striking, and the male lions are particularly notable for their impressive manes, like the one seen on this big guy roaring here.

“You don’t truly understand just how loud this is until you hear it in person,” said another visitor at the zoo. “Even from a distance like this it sounds like the roar is coming from every direction around you and you feel it in your chest.”


At the start of the video, the lion is seen standing atop a tall rock within his enclosure, bellowing out a mighty roar. Eventually, his roaring gives way to chuffing before he concludes his vocal performance. As he looks out at his surroundings, awestruck observers applaud his impressive display. The lion then casually lies down, as if his roaring was no big feat, and appears content with his performance.

Take a look:

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