5-year-old girl sneaked her baby cow friend into the house to cuddle with it

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A kid hanging out with his furry friend is always a heartwarming sight. It must be same sort of special connections between kids and animals, since it’s hard to find a more adorable duo. Even though we’re used with kids bonding with pups or cats, the cute mini-humans tend to fraternize with all animals. Therefore, when Breanna – a 5-year-old little girl, befriend a cute baby cow, her mom was more than happy.

However, the woman’s excitement gone just like a summer rain, when she found the baby cow inside the house. Since Izzy, how the cute animal is named, was not alone, but with Breanna, the mom asked for some explanation. Which the little was not too happy to deliver. But pretty creative though.

So, while her mother – Billie Jo is filming, the young girl says Izzy just walked in as the door was open and she just looked the other way. Of course, her mom don’t believe her, so the little girl came up with other explanation. “You’re telling a fib,’ her mum responds. ‘Now do you want to tell the truth about it?'” Only this time, the images speak for herself. Breanna starts to cuddle and hug her furry companion. A tender moment meant to explain to her mom all the reasons why Izzy is inside the house.

Despite the cute incident, Billie Jo is more than happy her daughter shows so much love to animals. Especially to Izzy – a rescue who was only a few days old when arriving on their property.

“She[Izzy] of course is a bottle baby so human touch and interaction is all she knew,” the woman said. “She came here only a few days old and [I] let my little girl bond with her as much as she wanted. Overriding all my instincts to say “don’t do that” I wanted to see them grow a bond. The first time I witnessed this cow wanting to be hugged and cuddled with my jaw dropped because I, like most, have been led to believe they are different.”

Watch the adorable scene here:

h/t: MailOnline

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