5-year-old girl plays with 14 beautiful dogs – watch what happens when she lifts her arms up

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In early spring, there is a moment when the lush greenery of the season bursts through the dreary browns of winter, and nature is revitalized once again. This event is not only glorious, but it also revives us after a winter spent in melancholy.

Those who have experienced the exhilarating feeling of spring will relate to the little girl featured in the video. Her father happened to have his camera recording when his 5-year-old daughter spontaneously celebrated the beautiful spring weather. Her glee is infectious as she screams with delight and throws sticks and flowers in the air.


What’s even more infectious is the presence of her playmates on this particular day: 14 German Shepherds! Who says dogs like German Shepherds or pit bulls are harmful to children? Although some bad owners intentionally train these naturally sweet breeds to be attack dogs, a dog’s temperament is a reflection of the way it is treated.

It’s evident that the German Shepherds featured in this video have been raised with care and attention. The little girl exhibits complete comfort around them as she tosses sticks and flowers in the air for them to catch, and their profound affection for her is evident.


Observe how they take turns playing with the sticks she throws in the air, displaying their playful nature. This video is guaranteed to brighten your mood regardless of how you’re feeling. The charming combination of the beautiful spring weather, joyous children, and delightful dogs in this video is a sight to behold. What could be better than that?

Sharing is caring!