You Have to See This! Family Films Giant Moose Shedding Its Antlers in Incredible Moment!

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A family who was enjoying a winter day out got to witness an incredible moment, and it was all caught on video. The family was in Laramie, Wyoming, just looking at freshly laid snow and beautiful snowflakes from the comfort of their home.

They were taking in the view when something incredible happened. A massive moose came pretty close to their home, so they immediately grabbed a camera and started recording. Little did they know that something even more surreal was about to happen.

The video shows the moose losing one of his antlers. Not many people know it, but this is actually a natural process that occurs in the winter. It’s also important to mention that only male moose grow antlers. Also, you should know mature antlers are made out of bone. They are meant to fall off during winter, and they can weight up to 40 pounds each.
You see, male moose use their antlers to fight against each other when competing for mates. Pretty fascinating stuff, right?

Watch the video below to learn more cool facts about this and also see the exact moment the moose shakes off one of his antlers!

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