From Strangers to Soulmates: The Heartwarming Tale of Rescue Cows Who Fell in Love Instantly!

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Everything is better when you have a soulmate by your side. The whole world seems to be a better place and the problems totally disappear. And that doesn’t apply only to human beings, but to animals as well.

Animals also feel the need to interact with each other and to share the same compassion. But it’s a lot harder for them to actually find a friend than it is for us. However, it’s the animal kingdom that offers such incredible, unlikely bonds. And these two rescue cows are no less.

Dudley and Destiny live at the Gentle Barn, an animal sanctuary in Tennessee. The 2-year-old animals have both experienced a hard life, before being rescued from slaughter. But what’s more impressing is the special bond, the two are sharing each other, despite their differences.

“Dudley and Destiny could not be more opposite,” Andrea Burritt of The Gentle Barn told the Dodo. “Dudley is very silly, social and like a big, happy giant puppy. He loves people and he loves all the other animals. Destiny is very independent and sassy. She’s had to be a fighter since the day she was born and she still feels the need to show how tough she is.”

They are two very special animals who clearly share an incredibly strong bond. In fact, they are best friends and pretty much do everything together.

“With Dudley and Destiny, it was love at first moo,” Burritt said. “They began talking to each other the moment we opened the trailer to unload Destiny. Dudley watched her coming out and could tell she was very nervous. He would call out to her as if he was telling her it was OK. When she finally got out of the trailer, she went straight to him and they nuzzled and continued talking. Since that day they have been inseparable.”

h/t: thedodo

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