Woman rescues abandoned puppy, he gives her emotional thank you

Animals are extremely grateful with those who cares for them, especially in times of need. But the way this rescued puppy shows his appreciation to the woman that saved his life, is nothing you have seen so far. The heartwarming scene was caught on camera and it is nearly impossible to hold your tears after watching it.

Screenshot via Youtube

It all started after a kindhearted woman noticed a few abandoned dogs. It was very hot outside and the poor creatures had no food or even water. More they have been kept in chains. Upon that extremely sad sighting, the woman couldn’t stand unaffected, so she rushed to save them all.

“I saw abandoned dogs for days with no food, water or shelter and it was 100 + degrees,” the woman told THE DODO. “They were tied up on two-foot chains, not able to move. I waited to see if someone would help them and I couldn’t sleep at night, so I saved them.”

Screenshot via Youtube

Being able to offered them the freedom, was well enough for this lady, yet the way one of the dogs decided to thank her for her noble gesture, left her in tears. As they were riding back home, the puppy named Rover had the most touching reaction. The woman was gently petting him, but only to get pet and comforted back by the dog she just rescued. She even managed to capture the tearful moment on camera.

Screenshot via Youtube

“It broke my heart that he’d been neglected and wasn’t mad at me but grateful,” she said. “I started to cry and again, his focus shifted from himself to now my needs. I couldn’t believe so much love came from an animal that literally just came from a situation like he was in.”

The emotional footage shortly gained popularity after shared online. And one of the millions of people that watched it, has perfectly described it. “She’s crying, the dogs crying, i’m crying. Who is holding the steering wheel?,” the user wrote.

You can watch the beautiful scene, bellow!

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