Woman records bobcat family relaxing on her porch

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While for many wildlife photography enthusiasts it takes a lot of time and patience to take a snap of the a wild, elusive animal, this lucky woman in Santa Fe, New Mexico just woke up with a lovely bobcat family who comfortably took over her porch.

Walking through New Mexico desert you might get a chance to spot a shy bobcat, but what would be the odds to get visited by an entire family of these adorable felines. It happened to Kathy Maniscalco, who couldn’t believed her eyes when spotted a bob cat mom and her adorable cubs playing on her porch.

The lucky woman wanted to step out of her house when she came nose to nose with shy wild cats. She initially thought there’s a mother and three cubs, but only to spot another two cubs climbing on the porch wood structure. A true animal lover, Kathy was so enthusiastic she could barely find her cellphone to capture some lovely snaps with the wild creatures.

Lucky for her, the numerous family wasn’t in a hurry nor bothered by Kathy’s presence, so she was able to even filmed them. “Bobcat mama with 3 of 5 kittens on our wall,” the woman wrote on Facebook. “Awesome. This might be a future painting.”

Three of the little ones even had their mealtime on Kathy’s porch. And of course, after a hearty meal nothing’s better than a nap, which the cute tiny creatures took it without a second thought.

Featured Image credit: Kathy Maniscalco

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