Heartwarming footage shows hungry wild fox asking ice fishermen for a snack

This is the adorable moment a wild fox approaches a group of fishermen to ask for a treat. Even wild, red foxes are highly adaptive to almost any environment and very often come close to human settlements in order to procure food, mostly during the cold season.


When these two fishermen went out on a completely frozen lake in Russia, to catch some fishes, the less thing they would expected was an intimate encounter with a wild red fox. However, shortly after they made themselves comfortable, an unexpected guest decided to pay them a short visit.


Soon as one of the fishermen spotted a tiny fox wondering around them, he decided to call the wild animal. Surprisingly, the fox answered the call and got extremely closer. That moment, the fisherman offered her a snack, which she gladly accepted. Realizing how friendly the tiny fox is, the two men grabbed their cellphones to take photos and footages with the unlikely visitor. Naturally, the sly fox happily accepted the shooting session in the exchange of a few more treats.

Watch the lovely encounter, bellow!

These type of interactions, between red foxes and humans, are very common, especially during the winter, when it gets extremely hard for these wild creature to find food.

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