Wild baby rhino approaches cameraman and asks for belly rubs

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As an animal lover I cannot think of a better job than a wildlife photographer. You always get the chance of some unique, once in a lifetime encounters with the nature and its majestic creatures. While most of those interaction show the dramatic face of the wildlife, some of them are nothing but hilarious. And this lovely encounter between a baby rhino and a cameraman would definitely bring a smile on your face!

When preparing to film some shots about rhino poaching in South Africa, cameraman Garth De Bruno Austin, knew he would came face to face with those majestic creatures. However, he would never guessed it would be such a lovely encounter. But just when he was shooting the scenes, a baby rhino approached him.

Maybe driven more by curiosity, the cute little rhino came inches away of Austin. But the man stand on his ground as he soon realized the wild rhino isn’t going to hurt him, but the opposite. All the wild animal wanted was a belly rub and the cameraman happily delivered it. Thankfully the adorable moment was caught on camera!

“If a rhino walks straight up to you while you’re filming and wants some rubs… you better rub that rhino like your life depends on it!,” Austin wrote in the video description. “Lucky for me she left my URSA Mini 4K camera alone!”


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From my boyfriend @garthdbaustin 🙌🏼 When a rhino walks up to you while your filming and wants rubs… you rub that rhino like you’re life depends on it 😊👍🏼 What an amazing experience, these incredible animals humble you every time you see them. If we can’t save this iconic species from extinction, then what can we save? Lucky for me she liked the rubs and left my URSA Mini 4K camera alone! Lucky for me all the other important film gear was tucked away safely in my Lowepro Whistler bag. N.B. The location of this rhino will remain undisclosed for security purposes. #garthdbaustin #disunitythefilm #filmmaker #cinematography #rhino #rhinopoaching #savetherhino #documentary #film #vietnam #china #wildlife #conservation #filmlife #vlog @ursamini @loweprobags @empowersafrica @tpw_foundation @loveone_project @dp4k.m @sallykoonin_ @rhinosurfer @fightforrhinos @nkombe_rhino @rhinohorncoffee @rhinolove_project @worldanimalnews @katiecleary11 @protect.animals.worldwide @protectwildanimals @seanmuir84 @rhino18181

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Even the scenes are nothing but adorable, the cameraman warns to never interact with a wild animal as it could end really badly. “I did not approach this animal, it was completely her decision to let me come into her personal space and touch her,” Austin said.

Watch the lovely encounter here:

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