VIDEO: Kind duck returns kid’s flip-flop that fell down a hill

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While we’re used to see humans being kind with animals, this heart warming video proves us the animals can also return the favor, from time to time. The footage, initially shared by Myla Aguila shows a wild duck helping a little boy who lost one of his shoes. The woman, who actually captured the video on her cellphone, said she was waking through her village when she witness the incredible scene

The little boy just lost his sandal and while squatting at the top of small hill and trying to find a solution, a Muscovy duck spotted the lost shoe. It doesn’t took too much time until the bird grabbed the white sandal with its beak. The next scene it’s about to melt your heart. While the boy was trying to figure out how to get down there, the kind duck realized he need some help, so it gave him the lost shoe back. Of course, it requires a few attempts from the duck who dropped the flip-flop a couple of times in its efforts to return it to the kind. In the end, it’s worth all the efforts!

“I was dumbfounded,” Myla wrote on her Facebook post. “The duck is kind. He really helped, even though he doesn’t know the child.”

I have to admit, I’ve seen dogs, cats and even horses doing king gestures in order to help their human friends, but a duck helping a human being? That’s something that defies any explanation. And the unbelievable scene left its mark on the woman who filmed it. “There is a feeling like a person. I will feel mercy on them because of what I saw,” Myla said.

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