Unbelievable Sight: Rare White Giraffes Photographed for the First Time Ever

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It doesn’t matter how old you are and how many wonderful things you have seen so far, one thing is certain. Nature never cease to amaze you. And this rare footage is definitely one of the Mother’s Nature most fascinating things. It shows a pair of rare white giraffes in Garissa County, Kenya. And the local residents and conservationists where just delighted when saw them.

According to Nat Geo Wild, the unusual giraffes, a mother and child, suffer from a genetic condition called leucism. This allows pigmentation to inhibit into the skin cells.

“Unlike albinism, animals with leucism continue to produce dark pigment in their soft tissue, which explains the white giraffes’ dark eyes and other colouring.”

After local residents tipped them off, conservationists found the giraffes in the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy in Kenya’s Garissa county.

The two giraffes were first spotted by rangers at the Hirola Conservation Program in early August, last year. And it turns out their rare colour is actually a genetic condition called leucism. This result in the partial loss of color from an animal’s skin, hair, or scales, but not in other organs like the eyes, for instance.

Unlike the albinos animals, these giraffes posses a few particularities. And this can be easily noticed at the eyes. The leucistic animals can have dark eyes, while albino animals usually have pink eyes. And the pink is actually from the blood vessels inside the eyes.

Watch the incredible footage bellow!

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