Art or Animal? Rare Dog Confounds People with Statue-Like Poise

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Recently, a photo of a dog who looks exactly like a statue makes waves on the internet. More than that, people are still asking themselves is it a dog, or a statue?

The truth is it is in fact a dog, but it definitely look like a statue.

Source: Sandra Pineda/Caters News

The viral picture was shared by Sandra Pineda, from Quezon City, Philippines. And the image of her beloved doggy Piper received more than 10,000 likes in less than an hour. More than that, thousands left their comments. And everyone was asking the same question: ‘Is that a dog or a statue?!?!’

But Piper is actually a dog. A Mexican Hairless Dog, but with a breed name almost impossible to pronounce Xoloitzcuintli.

Sandra who’s a medical student bought the dog when it was only two-months-old and since than she found a truly friend in Piper. Asked about the waves Piper’s picture made, the 22 year-old woman said she couldn’t tell whether the online response was seriously initially.

“It was so funny to see all these compliments coming through of people thinking Piper was a statue. They were all really confused and asking me whether she was real or not, “Sandra said.

“At first, I thought it was a joke, but then I realised they were serious. They just couldn’t believe that she was a real dog. I guess I’m so used to her I don’t see it as much as other people, but my friends and family told me they can definitely see it,”the woman also said.

“It’s actually really flatter ring to think that my beautiful dog could be mistaken for a work of art.”

Anyway, it seems that Sandra does treat her adorable dog as he’s a statue, by polishing him with coconut oil.

“I really like the fact that she’s hairless, it’s really easy to deal with. We use a mild dog shampoo on her, and after baths she gets lathered up in virgin coconut oil to keep her skin moisturised and shiny.”

On the other hand, according to National Geographic, the Xoloitzcuintlis breed exists for almost 3,500 years. And the source said they’ve played a big role in Aztec and Maya life.

Despite the fact that most of the people doesn’t like the look of her dog, Sandra said she wouldn’t change it for another dog, for nothing in the world. She also thinks that we should actually give those rare breed a chance.

“Some people don’t see Piper’s beauty or her regal look which baffles me because I think she’s gorgeous. I think people should give Piper, and all Xolos and other hairless dogs a chance, because they’re really the sweetest and funniest pups you will ever meet.”



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