Unbelievable: Dog Teams Up with Owner to Perform the Best Cover of ‘Wonderwall’ and 9 More Famous Songs!

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If you have a dog, then you most likely know that dogs make for the best playing partners. There’s nothing fun they would say no to. They are pretty much down for anything, and that is just one more thing we love about them.

You can go running with your dog, play football with your dog, go swimming with your dog, and the list could go on forever (but none of us are getting any younger, so I’m going to stop here). But did you know that some dogs can actually help their owners perform songs?

The adorable pup in the video below helped his owner play no less than ten famous songs that you sure know, and the whole performance was caught on video. The dog can really keep up the beat and doesn’t lose focus throughout the performance.

With enough practice, there’s no way of knowing what this dog will be able to do next. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to see the first official inter-species musical band ever featuring this owner and his talented Golden Retriever.That’s actually not a bad idea.
I would definitely pay a ticket to see them live, wouldn’t you?

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