Tunisian rescue dog hailed as a hero after saving more than 40 people from rubble of Turkey earthquake

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A heartwarming photo has recently went viral online, and this time for good reason. The touching image shows a rescue dog sleeping cover what it seem to a rescuer’s uniform. But it is the story of this four-legged hero that touches hearts all over.

As it turned out, the dog – who is part of the Tunisian Directorate of Civil Protection – was taken to Turkey and Syria to help find earthquake survivors, and this her did not disappointed.

Using his powerful nose, the Tunisian hero Husky – how he’s called online – sniffed out the location of people who were trapped under the rubble. With his agility and determination, he crawled through narrow gaps and over piles of debris to reach them. Ali and his team were amazed at how many people he was able to find, and they worked tirelessly to rescue them.

He worked tirelessly to find survivors in the rubble, and after 56 hours of non-stop searchings he and his team rescued more than 40 people.

In the photo, the dog is finally sleeping after this exhausting effort.


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