Trooper responds to call about abandoned dog, ends up adopting him

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Police officers are consistently there to assist animals in distress, but Trooper Kayla Moore from Michigan State Police’s Gaylord Post went above and beyond for an abandoned dog.

In response to a call about the deserted dog, Trooper Moore took charge. She not only picked up the dog but also gave her a ride to the shelter. As they spent time together, a special bond began to form between Trooper Moore and the dog. The Michigan State Police shared on Twitter, “Trooper Moore and the dog seemed to be a perfect match.”

Upon reaching the Antrim County Animal Shelter, Moore couldn’t bring herself to say goodbye just yet. Feeling a connection that seemed fated, she decided to take things a step further by filling out an application to adopt the sweet dog herself.

The MSP Seventh District revealed that Rosie was part of a litter of dogs that their canine teams had been actively searching for. Unfortunately, she was one of “numerous dogs” abandoned in the area recently.

In light of Rosie’s situation, the department encouraged people to lend a helping hand by considering the adoption of other shelter dogs in need.

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