Shelter dog and goat form an unlikely close friendship, find a home together

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Animal friendships are undeniably heartwarming, and there’s a special charm to the bonds formed between different species. Some connections are so profound that they effortlessly bridge any other disparities.

Enter Cinnamon the goat and Felix the dog—a dynamic duo whose friendship was so strong that the shelter housing them couldn’t bear to separate them. Instead, they embarked on a mission to find a home where these inseparable pals could continue their bond.

As recounted by the Wake County government in North Carolina, Cinnamon and Felix arrived at the Wake County Animal Shelter on March 13, when their owner, unable to care for them any longer, sought help.

Upon their arrival at the shelter, it quickly became evident that the unique pair was inseparable. A Facebook post beautifully captured their close bond, stating, “They are best buds and are truly bonded; they even sleep together and have been kept together 24/7 except when they eat.”

The shelter staff marveled at the extraordinary connection between Cinnamon and Felix, expressing that it was unlike anything they had encountered before. While both dogs and goats are known for their sociable nature, it’s highly unusual for them to form such a close bond.

Dr. Jennifer Federico, the director at Wake County Animal Shelter, shared her surprise, saying to WTVD, “That’s not a normal combination. Usually, we have dogs attacking goats, so this is just a very unusual group.” She highlighted that their unique friendship defied typical expectations, demonstrating that remarkable connections can happen regardless of perceived differences.

Cinnamon and Felix’s inseparable bond made it evident that they were a tightly knit pair, and finding a new home that would welcome both of them became a priority. Although an uncommon situation, the shelter was committed to ensuring these friends remained together.

Dr. Federico emphasized, “Whatever the reason for these two bonding, it’s clear what would be best for their well-being is to keep them together,” as mentioned on

In a heartening update later on, the Wake County Animal Shelter revealed that a rescue had stepped forward to take in both the dog and the goat as a duo. This news brings joy, knowing that Cinnamon and Felix, the best of friends, won’t have to part ways after being rescued together!

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