Tiny Baby Walks Up to Giant Dog. Daddy’s Captured Footage Goes Viral

Many new parents get nervous when it comes to allowing pets near their kids, but many studies have shown that growing up with pets actually yields significant benefits for children.
Kids not only get to learn to be more compassionate, more sociable and more responsible but they also grow up to be more confident and more patient. What’s more, most dogs will go to extreme lengths to protect a young member of the family. And there’s definitely no shortage of stories online to prove that.
Also, having a dog encourages a more active lifestyle, not to mention the fact that kids will always have a loyal buddy to play with whenever they feel like it!
However, despite all the notable benefits mentioned above, some people are still reluctant when it comes to dogs and toddlers playing together, especially in the case of large dogs like the one in the clip below.
Well, if you have friends who fit the description above, go ahead and show them this endearing, 14-seconds long video. The dog’s loving nature and gentle behavior is likely to make them change their minds faster than I can say “Please share this with others.”

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