18 Years Later: Woman and Chimp’s Emotional Reunion Will Melt Your Heart

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Some argue that animals are unable to care for humans in the same way another human would do. They say that animals don’t form long relationships or have the ability to remember someone with whom they formed a connection if enough time passes.
Well, all those who believe this should definitely watch the video below, because it will most likely make them admit they were wrong.

The footage shows the emotional moment Linda Koeb returns to the animal sanctuary where she helped two orphaned chimpanzees named Swing and Doll recover, as a 23-year-old grad student.

The woman hadn’t seen the two chimps for almost two decades, so she was unsure whether her old friends will recognize her after all this time. And although she received warning that the chimps might have a violent reaction if they see her as being an intruder, Linda decided to get close.

And as she saw the chimps for the first time in 18 years, the most incredible thing happened. The chimps had an unbelievable reaction and welcomed Linda as one would greet an old friend.

Not only did the chimps proved that they remember her, but they also made it obvious that they also missed her all those years. You definitely need to watch their heartwarming reunion!

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