This guy photographs dogs underneath and the results are more than adorable

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Everyone knows dogs are both cute and hilarious, but no one would ever guessed a snap of a pup from underneath could produce so much positive vibes. After he initially came up with the “Under-Cats” project, the Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba thought a similar project, but which involves dogs, would mean nothing funny scene.

Since his “Under-Cats” project proved to be a really successful one, “Under-Dogs” could had never been less. And the lovely snaps he took, went straight to every dog lovers heart. Extremely cute and of course totally hilarious, Andrius photos are more than adorable.

“Cats were adorable, but dogs are more playful,” the talented photographer told Bored Panda. “Dogs are more obedient, which helps us to create more interesting photos. While some dogs were playful on the ground, others weren’t afraid of standing above, which was easy and fun to work with.”

Asked about who’s better at posing between dogs and cats, Andrius said it was quite fun to take snaps of both doggies and kitties. However, when it comes to “catwalk”there are some sort of differences between them, according to the photographer.

“I learned two main things from this sort of animal photography,” Andrius said. “First, cats think they are gods since people feed, love, and give them homes. Secondly, dogs see human as a god as they feed, love, and give them homes. Dogs were more obedient; they liked treats, so we played with them. This is how we got more interesting poses, than cats. Cats were very cute but dogs are more playful. Dogs are more obedient which helps us to create more interesting shots.”

On the other hand, the photographer and his team had to deal with some technical issues when working on the “Under-dogs” project. “I needed to order bigger and stronger glass for heavy and big dogs, because cats were lighter and smaller,” Andrius told DIY Photography. “So I made a glass table for this photo shoot. Preparation was most difficult part.”

Anyway, the results are more than adorable!

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