Thirsty baby elephant appears out of nowhere – truck drivers immediately stop to help him

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A group of truck drivers were on their way through a wild region in Botswana when spotted a baby elephant popping out of nowhere. The men realized something must had happened as normally you won’t see a baby elephant all alone, but with his mom.

Wild animals, especially the babies try to avoid human contact and the drivers knew that. Therefore, spotting a baby elephant on the side of the road was obviously a sign that something was wrong. Worried about the tiny creature, one of the drivers decided to stop and investigate. The other drivers have done the some.

The men cautiously approached the animal and they soon realized the little one was desperately asking for water. One of the drivers took his own water bottle and let the thirsty animal to drink from it. But that’s not all…

After giving her water, the kind men searched around for the little one’s mom, but there was no sign of her, neither anyone from the herd. They knew they could not leave here there. So they loaded the baby elephant in one of the trucks and took her to the closest sanctuary which was Elephant Sands.

Thanks to these kind-hearted drivers, the baby elephant got a new chance to live!

“The baby was taken to Elephant Sands,” Paul Oxton, founder and director of Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, told The Dodo. “In our opinion Botswana as a whole has one of the most remarkable, ethical and compassionate wildlife conservation strategies in the world… Because of the efficacy of the nationwide strategy, we trust that this baby will get the very best treatment and care possible.”

h.t: boredpanda

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