Man finds a ‘lost’ dog – tries to help him, until he reads the ID tag

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A small act of compassion costs nothing and could mean the whole world for someone, especially for a poor little soul like a lost dog. Therefore, when Tyler Wilson spotted a lost pup in his neighborhood in Kentucky, he knew he needed to help out

“I’ve seen the dog a couple weeks before around that area,” he told The Dodo. “So when he came up to me at the gas station and sat next to me, I was like ‘this dog has been lost for a while.'”

Only the Golden Labrador Tyler used to see wandering around the neighborhood wasn’t actually lost. But the caring man only realized that when he read the pup’s ID tag. When he initially spotted the lost pup actually had a tag, Tyler was so glad knowing he would soon be able to help the dog to make his way back home. But he would have never guessed what the tag read, until see it with his eyes. “My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home,” was the message wrote on the Golden Lab’s tag.

“Once I saw it, we both looked at each other and I knew he was OK,” Tailer recalls “It was so cute. I pet him and even hugged him,” Wilson says. “He got me a little wet from the rain, but it was worth it.”

It turned out Dew was an adventurous spirit and he loves to wander around and to meet new people. In fact, as Tyler found out later, the wanderer dog was very popular among the locals. According to his owner, Dew uses to go on trips to explore places and meet people, but he always returns back home.

“Dew loves to make new friends,” his owner told The Dodo. “Fortunately, Dew is chipped and wears a GPS tracker so when his sneaky little self gets out and about, we always know where he is! He just likes to spread the love.”


Sharing is caring!