These rare orchids look just like tiny monkey faces

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I’ve always said that nature never cease to amaze. And this flower species with a monkey-like face are just mind-blowing. Though I really love nature and green spaces and flowers, I must admit that I’ve never been the gardening type. However, after seeing these weird, yet so eye-catching orchids, I just can’t wait the spring only to grow these unique flowers.

Orchids are pretty common flowers and they can be found almost all over the planet. However, even if there are around 30, 000 orchid species in the world, there isn’t one more spectacular than the Monkey Orchid. The reason?…well, how their name suggest it, they looks exactly like some tiny monkey faces.


Also known as the ‘Dracula simia,’ these unique orchids are native to the highland tropical forests of Peru and Ecuador. They prefer a very high humidity habitat (between 70% and 100% humidity) with cool temperatures and low light. In their natural habitat, they can be found around 6500 ft above sea level. They can bloom any season and when they do, the view is breathtaking. Their column’s arrangement, the petals and lip are strongly resembling a tiny monkey’s face.



And if you’re living in New York or Toronto, there is nothing to worry about. The Monkey orchid can easily grow and bloom anywhere. Of course, as long as you’ll prepare a cool, humid and dark environment for them!



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