Stray cat refuses to eat unless food is in a bag, woman in tears when discovers her secret

The bond between a mother and her child is a force that knows no equal. A mother’s inherent altruism often compels her to prioritize her offspring’s well-being above her own, regardless of the species to which she belongs. Regardless of whether she is a human, dog, cat, or any other creature, the potency of a mother’s love remains steadfast.

For quite some time, a benevolent woman had been providing sustenance to a stray cat named Dongsuk. She was just one of many felines whom the kind-hearted woman had been caring for.

YouTube/Kritter Klub

However, Dongsuk suddenly stopped consuming the food that was provided. After a period of time, the woman observed that Dongsuk’s behavior had changed. Dongsuk would only eat if the food was packaged in a plastic bag. Otherwise, she would simply remain motionless as the other cats ate, even if she was famished.

YouTube/Kritter Klub

The compassionate woman commenced the daily routine of packing a bag of food specifically for Dongsuk. Upon receiving the bag, Dongsuk would gingerly hold it in her mouth before darting away. Intrigued by Dongsuk’s behavior, the woman became curious about the fate of the food and decided to follow her one day.

YouTube/Kritter Klub

It was then that she discovered that Dongsuk was not eating the food herself, but rather, she was carrying it to her surviving kitten. A few weeks earlier, Dongsuk had given birth to five kittens, but unfortunately, only one had made it. The surviving kitten had the same orange and white fur as her mother. Dongsuk would carefully open the bag and permit her little one to eat to her heart’s content before indulging in her own meal.

The woman was deeply touched by Dongsuk’s maternal devotion and felt compelled to assist them in some way. You can learn more about this story in the video below! Don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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