Man saves money for over a decade to buy ambulance for stray animals

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While human beings are to be blame for the extinction of countless wild animals, knocking down vast areas of forests and therefore destroying planet Earth, there are some of our kind capable to do impossible things for the seeks of animals. Even though we’ve been witnessed to so some incredible stories about people’s kindness for our furry friends, nothing compares with this guy’s love for animals.

Balu is just a regular people who lives in Pune, India. But what he did, for the seek of the homeless animals in his country, makes him not just a hero, but a living angel for the four-legged ones. He saved money for over ten years to buy an ambulance to help all the animals in need.

“At first, I was a little afraid of dogs,” Balu told Open Road India. “Now this is my life, I cannot leave this. I will keep doing this forever.” But the kind man is not helping only the stray dogs or cats, but those whose owners are not able to carry them to the vet.

More than that, Balu also shares his own home with the helpless animals. Te took care of them, feed them and give them medicines if necessary. The man says that in order to raise money, he charges the owner whose animals he drives to the vet with around 15 cents per mile, according to the Dodo.

“I keep 5 to 6 stray dogs at home – some with broken legs and paws – if there’s no room at shelters,” Balu said.

Believe it or not, the man says not everyone appreciates his efforts for helping those innocent creatures. “A lot of people love what we do, but some people don’t like me helping strays.”

h/t: thedodo

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