Rescuers save tiny puppy trapped in rubble for four days in earthquake-hit Turkey

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With a display of compassion and affection, rescue workers in Turkey’s Hatay saved a dog named Pamuk from the rubble, amidst their tireless efforts to save lives in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria. The heartwarming footage of the dog’s rescue has gone viral on social media and is touching the hearts of many. The video shows the rescuers providing water to the injured dog and carefully removing it from the debris of concrete.

Facebook/KION News Channel 46

The short rescue footage went viral online. News reporter Lane Luckie wrote on Twitter: “We’re also seeing examples of pets rescued, like this little dog named “Pamuk.” Sadly, hope for additional rescues will start to fade due to the time that’s passed and the freezing temperatures.”

The small dog is being cared for by the owner’s neighbors in Mersin, located approximately 200 km west of Iskenderun, while the owner remains hospitalized.

According to the Associated Press, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan referred to the powerful earthquake as “one of the greatest disasters our nation has faced in its history”. During a visit to the Adiyaman province on Friday, he stated that search-and-rescue operations would persist until every person trapped in the rubble is rescued.

So far more than 25,000 lost their lives in the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria on Monday.

You can watch Pamuk’s rescue here:

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