Animal shelter’s doorbell rings in the middle of the night, but they see a familiar face

Introducing Bailey, a highly intelligent canine who possesses an uncanny ability to navigate tough situations. Recently, Bailey was residing at the Animal Rescue League of El Paso, Texas, where she charmed everyone with her affectionate and charming demeanor. Despite her popularity at the shelter, finding a forever home was a challenge.

Animal Rescue League of El Paso

Bailey held the unfortunate title of being the longest-staying resident at the shelter. However, that changed a month ago when she finally got adopted. Despite the joyful news, her friends at the shelter wouldn’t be bidding her farewell for long. Just after a month with her new owner, a terrifying incident occurred. During a harness test, Bailey was frightened by something and fled in a moment of panic. Her owner was unable to keep up, and Bailey went missing. Fortunately, her escape was not permanent.

“She got out of his sight,” Loretta Hyde of the Animal Rescue League, told The Dodo. “He let us know that Bailey was loose, so we asked for people to be on the lookout.”

Animal Rescue League of El Paso

But guess what, Bailey was pretty easy to be found, because as even Loretta guessed, she headed straight back to her “old home.”

Days after Bailey’s disappearance, at approximately 1:30 AM, the shelter’s doorbell camera alerted the staff of someone’s presence outside!

Animal Rescue League of El Paso

“For whatever reason, it felt to me that she was on her way here,”said Lorretta. “I said, ‘She’s coming back to the shelter.’ So we looked and thought, ‘Is that Bailey?’” Hyde said. “You can talk through the doorbell camera, so she hollered, ‘Bailey?’ Then the dog looked at the camera, like, ‘Yeah, it’s me! Let me in!’”

Bailey’s journey covered a distance of 10 miles, and she had to traverse multiple roads to reach her destination. Remarkably, she had an innate sense of direction and made her way to the shelter. The staff, who had developed a strong bond with Bailey, received her with open arms. After her arduous journey, Bailey was famished and depleted, so the staff offered her nourishment, hydration, and a comfortable bed for her to recuperate.

Animal Rescue League of El Paso

“She knew exactly where to go,” Lorreta said. “Dogs are smarter than we give them credit for.”

But Bailey’s dad never gave up on finding her and was relentless in his search. Despite being lost, Bailey must have felt a sense of comfort and familiarity at the shelter, making it feel like home. Now, Bailey is back with her father, surrounded by the love she deserves. This entire experience has made it clear that Bailey still holds a special place in her heart for the staff at the shelter who brought her and her dad together.

Animal Rescue League of El Paso

“They’re welcome to come visit anytime. Bailey’s dad appreciates us, and we appreciate him,” the staff said. “They will be back to visit. I know they will.”

(h.t: thedodo)

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