Rescue dog is completely blind, but is still a master at playing fetch

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In the leafy neighborhoods of Austin, a miniature poodle named Z is redefining what it means to live without limits. Two years ago, Tran Le welcomed Z into her life, adopting her from a local shelter. Z’s eyes, clouded by cataracts and glaucoma, didn’t dampen her vivacious personality. Tran told The Dodo, “Even without her sight, Z had this infectious energy that just filled the room.”

As Z’s condition required the removal of her eyes, many wondered how this would affect her quality of life. But Z, with her boundless optimism, quickly adapted. She navigated her new world with remarkable ease, relying on her other senses to experience life fully.

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One of Z’s most surprising talents is her love for playing fetch—a game that typically depends on a dog’s ability to see. Yet, Z has turned what many would see as a challenge into one of her favorite activities. “She’s got this incredible knack for following the sound of the ball,” Tran explains. “She’ll perk up her ears, tilt her head, and once that ball hits the ground, she’s off!”

Onlookers at the park often stop in awe as Z darts across the grass, her ears tuned to the sounds around her, her nose skimming the ground, honing in on her target. With a triumphant scoop, she secures the ball and trots back, ready for another round.


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Z’s story isn’t just a tale of overcoming adversity; it’s a daily demonstration of joy in the face of challenges. Her veterinarian, Dr. Emily Weiss, remarks, “Z is a testament to the adaptability of dogs. She shows us that with the right support and a little ingenuity, differently-abled pets can lead incredibly rich lives.”

Each day with Z is a celebration, a reminder that life’s hurdles don’t have to hold anyone back. For Tran and Z, every successful fetch is a small victory, a moment of pure happiness that speaks volumes about the enduring spirit of our canine companions.

For those inspired by Z’s story and interested in giving a forever home to pets with special needs, the Austin Pet Shelter invites you to reach out.

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