Boaters in Patagonia capture incredible sight of a wild puma seeking refuge on iceberg

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While enjoying Patagonia’s dramatic landscape, the tourists from a cruise boat couldn’t believed their eyes when spotted a puma stranded on an iceberg. The never seen before sight was caught on camera by some of the boaters and everyone is trying to find an explanation for the bizarre sight.

Screenshot via YouTube

The María Turquesa boat was sailing across Lake Argentino – part of the UNESCO heritage, Los Glaciares National Park – in the Southwest of Santa Cruz Province, Argentina’s Patagonia. Everyone on board was admiring the fascinating glaciers, when something unexpected caught their attention. A massive wild puma was taking refuge on a floating iceberg.


Although these land animals can frequently be spotted in the water, it is very uncommon to see them on an iceberg. Let alone a glacier that was a few miles offshore. Upon the incredible sight, the tourists grabbed their cellphones to capture the moment.

However, the question is how did a puma that usually lives in the mountains, ended up stranded on an iceberg. The park rangers explanation is that pumas are great swimmers, so maybe this one decided to rest on the ice.

“The animal went up alone, certainly to rest when it crossed the body of water,” a local park ranger explained. There is a record of pumas swimming across stretches of Lake Argentino, which has depths that can exceed 260 feet. [On the other hand] glaciers move mainly due to the wind, so as long as the puma stays on top of the iceberg, it will be safe and the wind will help it get closer to the coast.”

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